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What is the Sensational Senior Program all about?

In a nutshell, you are the “look” of Cate Eighmey Photography (CEP). Your job is to look great and spread the word about me to the Seniors (and Juniors) at your school. Each Sensational Senior (SS) will have one full photo session and one mini session at no cost. That’s right...your senior session will be completely FREE! Once completed, you will receive personalized referral cards to pass out to friends. Each time someone books with your referral card, you earn a discount on your print order. You could even end up getting all of your prints for free!

When do the sessions take place?

I will be shooting primarily in the earlier part of summer and will do another mini-session in the fall. You will most likely be doing your shoots with at least one other SS to maximize time and resources. Sessions will be in the morning (just after sunrise) or in the evening (a few hours before sunset) and will take 2-3 hours.

How do I become a SS?

The process is simple. You will fill out an application and submit it to me online. Applications must be received by May 15. One male and one female applicant will be selected from each school. The program is only available for the Kansas City Metro. Selections will be made by a diverse panel including myself and up to three others. You and your parents will be notified via email whether you are selected or not. You and your parents will then be required to meet with me and sign an agreement that will be binding for the duration of your term. You will also sign a standard model release allowing me to use your images in advertising.

How long will I be a Sensational Senior?

Of course you are sensational all of the time but for this program, your agreement with me ends April 30 in the year that you graduate. The next group of SS will start the program the following month. All referrals must be booked by April 30 of your graduation year.

What’s in the fine print?

There is no “catch” to any of this. You get a free senior photo shoot and another mini-session in the fall. In exchange, you will actively promote CEP to earn discounts on your print orders. You will be expected to share your images online via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. You will receive a supply of referral cards with the photos from your session on it. You will also receive a small photo book of your photos. Each time someone you refer books their session with me, you will earn a discount on your prints and products. The first discount is 15%. Subsequent referrals will increase your discount to 30%, 50%, 75% and 100%. All it takes is five referrals to get everything completely free! CEP will be your exclusive photographer for the duration of your term.

What else do I need to know?

Because you will be representing CEP, you should maintain a positive image (no drinking, no smoking, no drugs, etc) and shine the best possible light on my business. You have to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and you have to graduate. You should be a positive presence both in school and out of school. You are expected to actively promote CEP by word of mouth and on social media. Remember...the referrals you send me will benefit you, too!

Optional add-on

Each senior has the option of working with stylists selected by CEP on the day of the full session. The stylists will provide hair and make-up services at their salon and will provide input on wardrobe options. Stylists will offer affordable rates ($35-$50) for each SS. These rates have been negotiated for you by CEP and are payable to the stylists on the day of service. You may also use your own stylist or no stylist at all!  


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ANNOUNCING OUR SENSATIONAL SENIORS PROGRAM! This off season has been spent creating a senior ambassador program. I'm so proud to present Cate Eighmey Photography's SENSATIONAL SENIORS PROGRAM!

If you are an incoming senior or know someone who is, share this information with them quickly! Up to two seniors from each area high school will be selected. Don't miss out!

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Coming Soon! I'll be blogging sessions starting very soon. So excited to add this feature and use it was a way to share sneak peeks!

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